Thursday, December 27, 2012

We had Christmas with my family on the 26th.  Let's just say, by the time the week was done, these kids were pretty much spoiled! Being so excited about their jerseys, of course, they had to wear them whenever someone new came over.  The washer became quite familiar with these garments in a very short time!
Natalie and Uncle Jeremy
Instead of a big meal, we opted for soup, salads, and finger foods.
Yes, I am rolling my eyes at my brother.  My sister snapped this one, and since it's the only one of us together, well....
Getting some snuggles from Aunt Donna
These kids love Uncle Jeremy!
Grandma lovin' on her babies!
Kaitlyn and Auntie Melanie
More pictures of the kids in front of the tree....

Donna expecting Baby James.  34 weeks and counting!!!

We had a great night, though we were sad that Justin had to work and wasn't able to come!
The kids got worn out from playing.... and wore everyone else out!
What a great week of celebration and family time!
We hope everyone had a very

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