Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Week 2012

On Christmas Eve, we celebrated with just our little family. The kids got in their jammies, I took a ton of pictures, and they got to open their presents from us.  It was great!
I love all of these pictures of the kids in front of the fireplace.  They were so excited and had so many different expressions, I couldn't choose just one or two, so I'm posting them all!

Nolan wanted to hold his stocking...
...then he gave up the stocking for Pooh Bear.
Love this one!!
Then we moved to the front room to take pictures in front of the tree...
What a goofy bunch!
And now for the fun part....PRESENTS!!!
Talon and Nolan both got Seattle Seahawk jerseys.  They were so excited! 
Of course, they had to put them on immediately!
...and they both got a football.
Kaitlyn's big gift was a Lego Hello Kitty doll house with a bunch of extra sets to make it a little village.  She loves it!
Natalie got a new doll, clothes, and some other fun toys.  She has a bit of a hair fetish... she loves to pull it and wind it around her fingers.  Now she can pull her doll's hair all she wants!
She also went for all the wrapping paper and boxes that covered the floor!
Happy 1st Christmas, Baby Girl!!
This is the view she had of me while I was standing over her taking these pictures.
And I had to take some pictures of the mantle after the lights were out and everyone was in bed.  I finally have a fireplace where I can hang the stockings!! *big smile*
I love the big family get togethers on the holidays, but there's just something special about having my little family together, and celebrating Christmas with just the six of us!

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