Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Tree 2012

Today, we headed out to get our Christmas tree. It was very cold and muddy, so Daddy and Granny stayed in the van with Natalie, while me, Papa, and the kids looked for our tree. We found a tree farm a couple of years ago that we really like.
Papa sizing up the tree.  Anthony wanted a really big one this year... 12-13 feet big.  I say, I have to light and decorate it, so we went with 10-11 feet.  Believe me, it's plenty big!
My little helper scouts.
Heading back to the truck to cart home our perfect find.
Yes, I say 10.5 feet is plenty big.  Did I mention we don't have a ladder?  We don't have a ladder...and I don't think my bar stools are going to do the trick!  It does fit in the tree stand, but just barely!  Here's to hoping it doesn't go toppling over in a couple of days!

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