Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Walupt Lake

Anthony needed to make a trip up to Morton, Washington, to pick up a couple of things, so his parents came with us, and we made a family day out of it.

Settling in for a long ride.  Happy girl with Mommy sitting in the back next to her.  Hard to believe this girl is already almost 4 months old!
A little bored and ready to get out and run around for a while
Enjoying the scenic drive
We stopped and visited the Coleman family cemetery.
The kids in front of Great Grandpa Starr's grave.
Great Grandma Starr's grave
Uncle Pete's grave (Papa's brother)
Papa has been wanting all of us to take a trip up to Walupt Lake- a place they used to go camping when Anthony was a kid, so we did.  It was beautiful. Cold, but very beautiful! The kids had fun walking down by the lake and throwing rocks in the water.
Papa and his sidekick
We had to keep a close eye on Nolan.  He was convinced he was going to get to go in the water.
Going for a walk in the woods
Trying to keep up with the big kids
Stopping to look at a map of the area
Heading home.  Tired boy, after a long day, and refusing to sleep in the car.

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