Thursday, October 18, 2012

Look Who's 2!

Wow... can't believe my little Nolan-bug is already 2 years old!
We took him out for "beans" (Mexican food) for his birthday, and of course he made a huge mess and loved every minute of it!
He is getting so independent and insists on feeding himself.
They brought him flan and sang "Happy Birthday". 

At first, he was a bit confused with what was going on, but then was super excited about the hat!
He didn't care much for the flan, but loved the whipped cream with chocolate and strawberry sauce!
Papa and Granny came out to eat with us.  Nolan's starting to get really into opening gifts!
We then took him to the Yogurt Shack for dessert.  He loves yogurt!  He was really intrigued by the candle burning in his bowl.
He is definitely all boy!  Around home we call him the 'little bruiser'.  He is rough and tumble and loves to wrestle.  His vocabulary is growing by the day.  He talks in full sentences and repeats everything he hears.
This kid just melts my heart. He's so funny and so stinkin' cute. He knows just what to do to get me to laugh... especially when I'm getting on to him for something. It's terrible! I have the hardest time keeping a straight face with him. He can be so naughty, and turn around and just be hilarious and sweet 2 seconds later. Daddy isn't phased by it. It gets me every time!
A couple of nights ago, I was getting ready for work, and Nolan walked into my room as I was putting my coat on.
 Nolan: "Mama, you go bye-bye?" 
Me: "Yes, Mommy has to go bye-bye."
Nolan: "I go bye-bye, too!"
Me: "Honey, you can't go bye-bye with me, Mommy has to go to work."
Nolan: "I go work, too!"
Needless to say, he was not happy when I walked out the door and did not take him with me.
Definitely one of my favorite things that he says...  "Love Ooo!".
Happy Birthday, my little bug! We love you, too!!

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