Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fir Point Farms

We made our annual Fall trip to Fir Point Farms.  It did seem a bit strange this year... usually when we go, it's rainy and cold.  This time, it was almost 80 degrees and beautiful out (not complaining!).  The kids got to pick out pumpkins, I got a bunch of gourds, and we had a blast just trottin' around the farm.
Such a great big sister!
Nolan was too busy destroying the bale of hay he was sitting on to look at the camera.
I love this.  Kaitlyn looks like such a little mother.
Talon trying to pick up the huge heirloom pumpkin.  It only weighed about 170 pounds after all!  It took a while, but I did finally convince him to give up and move on to one a bit smaller.
Uh... not sure what this face is all about.  Just bein' goofy, I guess!
Nolan thought it was fun to sit on the pumpkins.... until I asked him to smile for a picture- then he didn't want to anymore.  Such a little stinker!
Such a cute little country store with all of their pumpkin displays
Riding around the farm in the wagon.
Papa and Natalie goin' for a stroll
We bought some pellets out of the 'vending machine' so the kids could feed the goats.  Granny showed them how, but Sissy was the only one willing to let them actually eat out of her hand.
Nolan loved the wagon.  He'd get off and walk around for a minute or two, then hop right back on and say, "Ride, Mama? Ride?".
Farmer Talon
We had fun in Hazel's Nut House... though I will say, it was a bit tough walking on all those hazelnuts in sandals and flip flops!
Nolan thought the little pumpkin was great... he kept throwing the 'ball'.
Searching for the perfect one
Nolan decided it was his turn to pull the wagon.
Cute little sunflower

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