Sunday, October 28, 2012

Party time!

We had a few different small parties for Nolan.  He opened gifts from us a couple of days after his birthday due to my work schedule.  The beautiful thing about this age.... they don't know the difference.  He may have even been happier to get toys multiple days in a row, instead of a bunch of toys in one day.  Or... maybe I'm just saying that to justify the fact that I didn't have my act together enough to get all of his gifts wrapped on his birthday.  Either way, I think he had a great time with all of the fun gifts he got.

He loves hats.  I could hardly pry the party hat off of his head.  
Ah, yes, just what we need around here... more toys.  At least this is an educational one.. a cell phone that teaches the alphabet and numbers!  Okay, who am I kidding?  Yes, I am contributing to the massive toy collection we already have.  Oh well, he loves it!
 And a very large "Thomees bankie"
 We had a game night at the Brown's house, and had another little celebration for Nolan, with them and my sisters.  This is the cake Auntie Melanie made for him.  So cute!  Great job, Sis!
 Just testing the frosting.
 Uncle Justin got him a Tonka truck.  He roamed the house looking for things to put in it and push around.
 When that got boring, he decided it would be fun to ride it himself.  Kaitlyn pushed him all over the living room.
Thank you to all of our friends and family that helped to make Nolan's birthday so fun!!

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