Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Visitors from Minnesota

Walt, Rachel, and the kids came to visit for a couple of weeks from Minnesota.  We had a great time while they were here!  The three older kids came and stayed with us for a few of the nights.  We were so sad to see them head back home, but are so thankful for all the time we did get to spend together! 

Playing outside at Papa and Granny's with the cousins.
Nolan being... well, Nolan!
Daddy and Sissy-bear
Millie and Destini-
Two beautiful girls who are the best of friends
Two more girls who are the best of friends, Kaitlyn and Delani.
Giving me their best 'mean' face!
They had their first sleep-over this week, and had a blast!  We had a whole house full of kids... and loved every minute of it!
Papa and his namesake... Alfred Luke
Being goofy!
Millie and Natalie
Nolan soaked up as much love as he possibly could from all of his cousins!
Nolan and Emilie
Big stuff in Papa's hat
Papa and all the grand kids heading to the park to play.
The boys with Uncle Walt.
All the little kids lined up in the kitchen, eating their cookies.  Such a fun bunch of kidlets!
Delani Joy
The kids were having jumping contests in the living room.  Then when I started taking pictures, it made it even more fun!
Luke and Katie.  They became quite good friends and enjoyed playing together.  Luke even played dolls and cooked in her kitchen with her.  She thought that was just the greatest thing ever!
Hugs for Granny
Me and Rach.
Papa playing Rook with the grand kids.
Craft time
Story time with Uncle Shade
The boys love it when Uncle Brian is around.  He plays their favorite game... bear trap!
What a great couple of weeks we had.  It's hard to believe how fast kids grow up... especially when you don't see them very often!
Love making memories with family!

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