Sunday, September 23, 2012

Shhhhh.... someone had a birthday!

Yesterday was my dad's birthday.  He doesn't like to be celebrated, so we didn't have a party.  We just went to visit and hang out at my parents' house for a while.

Grandpa and Natalie
Then we all ended up at Dairy Queen to (unofficially) celebrate. Of course, he's the only one that wouldn't allow himself to be seen by the camera!  
Having fun with Auntie Kayla and Uncle Jeremy
Natalie getting some snuggles in with Aunt Melanie
Love the hodge-podge of expressions!
Jeremy and Donna.... and Kaitlyn
Grandma and her boys
Nolan was having fun with Uncle Jeremy's hat
Happy __th Birthday, Dad/Grandpa!!
We love you!

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