Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baseball 101

Talon was trying to teach Kaitlyn how to play baseball.  I had so much fun observing the lesson that he was giving her.  He would throw her the ball, and it would either hit her, or not be anywhere near close enough for her to hit it.  Then, he would scold her for not swinging.  When he did get it in the vacinity of where she was standing, she hit it most of the time.  I was pretty impressed!  I don't think I could have hit most of the balls he was throwing if he was pitching to me, yet she would hit it over his head.
She would then throw the bat down, and take off running to the fence behind her, at the other end of the yard, as fast as she could..  I laughed and laughed.  The first time, I couldn't figure out where in the world she was going; but she had it in her mind, I guess, that after you hit the ball, you run.  Apparently the direction you choose to run in doesn't really matter.  She would then run back and Talon would take his turn.  Kids are great! 
And I absolutely love the look on her face in this picture.  She looks like she is just absolutly gonna clobber him with the bat if he doesn't quit talking and pitch.
Talon's turn.  He got so frustrated when Kaitlyn would throw a ball that he couldn't hit.  It seems he quickly forgot that he's not exactly the world's best pitcher himself.  I asked him why he didn't just use his tee instead of having Sissy pitch to him.  He didn't seem to think that was like REAL baseball.
 Then I realized the main problem.... the pitcher was pitching with the wrong hand.  Actually, she wasn't doing too bad, considering!
That's better.
Playing outside and loving it.  Boy, will they sure be disappointed when summer ends!

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