Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mr. Q-Ball

Nolan came home from Grandma Bauer's with a haircut.  Talon thought it was great and wanted one himself.  Well, I'm not exactly the barber type, nor do I have the proper equipment (unless you consider dog clippers with no attachments the 'proper equipment').  He said he wanted his hair short, though, so I told him I would cut it for him.  Let's just say... we should have made a quick trip to see Grandma.
Yes, it is short, and he loves it.  I think his daddy just about swallowed his uppers when he came bounding out of the bathroom, flaunting his new do! I keep telling myself that it probably wouldn't look so odd if his hair was darker.  Mmmm... well... maybe it would.  I sent a text message to my mom with this picture- to prepare her for the next time she sees him.  All she could say was, "It's short!" and "At least his hair grows really fast!".  Yes, that is the one saving grace- his hair grows extremely fast.  He keeps thanking me and telling me what a good job I did on cutting his hair, and I keep reminding him that Mommy does not usually cut hair, and that Grandma will be doing it from now on.

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