Monday, August 6, 2012

Fun in the Sun!!

We've had pretty good weather this summer!  It's been hot, but not unbearable.  The kids have gotten to spend lots of time playing outside in the pool and sprinkler, riding their bikes, and digging in the dirt.  Nolan has just now decided he's not scared of the pool.  Actually, I don't think it was that he was scared (because he loves playing in water!!), he just would prefer the water was warm and not cold.  His first experience this year in our pool, I put him in it and he promptly fell down in the cold water... twice!  He was so irritated that he wanted nothing to do with getting in it- he has just stood at the side, put his hands in the water, and splashed the older kids.  That all changed about a week ago.  We had a really hot day, and Talon and Kaitlyn were playing in the pool- splashing, giggling, and carrying on.  I stuck Nolan in, and he loved it.  Now, he'll stay in it long after the other two get cold or bored and get out!
We went to the park one afternoon with my friend, Summer, and her kids. 
Nolan is such a little monkey.  He climbs on everything!  The scary thing is, he lacks the fear factor when it comes to heights and falling. He's such a crazy kid! 
The slide was really tall with lots of steps.  He didn't care.  He scaled up, flew down, and headed right back up to the top with a grin on his face from ear to ear!
Easton is such a happy little guy!

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