Saturday, May 30, 2009

What's Talon been up to?

Well, let's see...
Last night, Talon clearly wasn't feeling well, so I let him go to sleep in our bed. He had a croupy cough, and had been running a fever off and on throughout the evening. He woke up around 11pm, crying and feverish. I picked him up to cuddle him, and he then proceeded to vomit all over both of us! Bathtime!! He woke up this morning doing much better.
This evening, after I gave Talon a shower, I wrapped him in a towel and left him in the bathroom while I ran to grab his diaper. Kaitlyn was sitting in her carseat on the floor playing with her toys. I walked back in to find Talon with his towel off, urinating all over the floor and the side of Kaitlyn's carseat. (Yes, Honey, I know... You told me so!)
Anthony called me at work to tell me about this one. He had gotten Talon ready for bed, and told him, "Ok, Talon, in your bed!" (meaning, it was time to go upstairs and get in bed). Talon just laid on the floor in the living room ignoring him. Anthony repeated himself a couple of times, and Talon just laid there with a smile on his face, and didn't move. Finally, Anthony got onto him, and Talon quickly ran into the dining room and sat down on Kiki's dog bed. Anthony told him, "No, Bubbs, on your bed!", and Talon just looked up at him like he was crazy. I guess he's heard us say "Kiki, on your bed!", and watched the results just a few too many times.

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