Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Talon routinely sleeps until 9:30, sometimes even 10:30 in the morning. He then likes to play for a while before he eats breakfast. However, last night I stayed up until after 3 am cleaning house and doing laundry (just so I could do it without 40 MILLION interruptions). I fed Kaitlyn before I went to bed and she actually slept until after 9:00! Wouldn't you know it, this was the morning Talon was up and ready to eat breakfast at 7:20am!! I tried putting him in bed with me to see if he would sleep just a little longer. Nope! He just laid there and said, "Eat? Eat? Juice? Eat? Juice?...", then proceeded to stick his fingers up my nose and started giggling.
OK... I'm up!!

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nurseheather said...

what a bummer. i too have been known to stay up way too late just to avoid those unwanted interuptions and sure enough the kids decide to rise with the sun. i've learned if i stick a bowl with dry cereal and a glass of water outside their door, it buys me an additional five min. maybe it'll work for you... best of luck