Friday, May 22, 2009

Pink- Eyed Boy

Anthony, Talon, and I recently got over pink eye. Poor Talon, his was the worst. He was miserable for days. And how do you reason with a 2 yr old when his eyes itch and he's not supposed to rub them. He walked around constantly saying, "Eye? Eye? Eye?". He hated the drops, but was such a great sport when we had to put them in his eyes three times a day! (Better about it than his Dad, I might add!) ;0P
I took this picture on day 4 of our routine. By now, a lot of the swelling had already gone down!

Anthony captured this 'Kodak moment' with Kaitlyn. She had a headband on her head with a bow. She got the bow completely off , but had a little more trouble with the headband. She was very put out with the whole ordeal!

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Anthony said...

Who is that masked baby?!?