Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

I have decided to participate in "Not me!" Monday, so here it goes....

1) Of course, I did not eat oatmeal cake for breakfast that I did not make yesterday after my wonderful husband did not insist it would be good for Aunt Norma to try; and we had no idea we would have a whole cake to eat ourselves. Not me!

2) I did not waste a great deal of time on the computer today updating my blog instead of folding the three loads of laundry sitting on my kitchen table. Not me!

3) I did not stand outside on my back porch in my bathrobe and barbecue dinner tonight; and I most certainly did not wave at my neighbor (which happens to be my co-worker) as she did not drive by and see me! Nope, not me!

4) I did not clean off part of the kitchen counter this week (when we found out that company was coming at the last minute), by tossing all my unopened and unorganized mail into a bin. I did not then place the bin in my room to deal with later. Not me!

5) I did not give my son some blocks to play with at a restaurant this week while waiting for our food, only to have to take the block away from him after he dipped it in his ketchup and was licking it off. Not me!

6) I did not trip over our dog in the kitchen when I was running around making dinner, then get after her for getting in my way. Not me!

7) After listening intently to my husband as he rehashed the evening's events while I was at work, I did not start laughing at my son's wild imagination and mischievous antics (including trying to lock his dad out of the house), and I did not try to defend his reasoning for not minding when told to do something and laughing about it. Not this Mama!

8) And for sure, I didn't get after my husband a couple of days ago for not bringing the phone back upstairs when he was done using it, only to remember that I had used it last and left it on the kitchen counter. Definitely not me!

Now that you know what has NOT been going on around here, please feel free to leave me a comment about what you have NOT been up to. Have a great week!!

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nurseheather said...

ha - i love it. not me monday is so good for the soul - it is this great release. i love doing it. you can always hop over to www.mycharmingkids.net and grab the not me button along with posting your blog for others to read. it is great! increases traffic to your blog and i've actually met some wonderful blog friends by doing it. they are a hoot and i'm glad you decided to play. can't wait till next week!