Sunday, February 22, 2015

Good-bye RCH family

 Over the past 12-13 years, I have been privileged to work beside some of the most amazing people you could ever hope to meet.  I started in pediatrics at Legacy Emanuel Hospital right out of nursing school, and aside from about 19 months spent in Boise, Idaho, it's where I have worked for my entire nursing career.
It's amazing how attached you can become to people.  This small group represents such an enormous piece of my life.  When we get together, we have endless stories to share.  We have seen each other at our best and our worst times.  We've laughed ourselves sick over things that only nurses could find funny.  We've cried hundreds of tears together over patients, and with the families that have lost a child.  We've worked as a team on those nights that were so stressful and crazy, you just weren't sure how you would hold up for 12 hours.  We've stuck up for each other, supported each other, and have become like a close family.
A few of us got together for lunch on Saturday to say good-bye.  I did pretty good while we were there, but lost it and cried most of the way home.  I can truly say that I have loved my job in the pediatrics Resource Pool, and am so thankful for the experiences I have had, and the many friendships that I have made. Wherever I go, Randall Children's Hospital will always hold a special place in my heart.  I'm really going to miss these very special people!

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