Saturday, February 7, 2015

Good-bye Dinner

We had a big dinner with my side of the family, so we could say "goodbye" before we move.
It was great to see everyone and visit, but also very sad. Definitely wish we had had more big family get-togethers.
Glad my cousin and her family came, too. It was great to visit, and the kids had a blast playing together.
Little monkey
Fun with uncle Jeremy
Ben found Kaitlyn's umbrella
My mom made three huge cakes.  They were all delicious, of course!
I thought it was humorous that my mom and uncle are making the exact same face in this picture.
My dad's not smiling, but at least I caught him before he ducked away from the camera. Win!
My mom made me this beautiful bouquet of flowers.  I love them.
Good-byes are hard.  I dislike them.  Hopefully it won't be too long before we can make a trip back home to visit.  We all have a really great time when we do get the opportunity to get together!

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