Monday, August 25, 2014

Girls' Day

Jessica stayed with us for a couple of days.  The kids had a blast!  She even read them their bedtime stories.

One of the days that she stayed, we picked up Delani, dropped the boys off at Grandpa and Grandma Bauer's for the night, and had a girls' day.

We went for ice cream at Mike's Drive In...
 I got Natalie a cone.  She ate part of it, then decided she would rather have my dish of ice cream with the spoon, so I got stuck with the soggy cone.
 Is it possible to enjoy ice cream without getting it all over your face?  
Survey says.... nope!
 Next we went down to the river to feed the ducks.
 Natalie decided she would rather eat her bread than throw it to the ducks.
 Then we headed to the park
The girls convinced me to get on the twirly swing with them.  I am not a fan. 
Next up was the merry-go-round.  That was a huge mistake.  I was pretty sure I was going to forcefully lose whatever I had eaten that day.  I didn't, I just had a really good case of vertigo for a while! Man, I am getting O-L-D!
 Natalie was a bit unsure about the slide, but Jessica helped her get on it to slide down.  Unfortunately, half way down, her Crocs caught traction, and her feet stopped, but her body kept going.  While it was quite funny to watch, she didn't share in the humor.  She was quite mad about it. After I rescued her from the evil contraption, she refused to get near it again.
...until, of course, Mommy said she would go on it with her.  Then she didn't want to get off of it!
 On our way home, we stopped at the store and bought paint, paper, and Play Doh.
 Even Natalie got to participate.  Clearly, going on the spinning toys at the park, knocked the screws in my head loose.  Let's just say, I should have bought washable paint, or put her in appropriate painting attire!
But did she ever have a ball! 
The girls made sure to save enough time to play dolls and 'house' before bed.  I was sure they would fall asleep immediately after their long day, but I could hear giggling and talking coming from the upstairs room for quite some time.  They did sleep in for a while in the morning, though.
What a fun day!

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