Friday, August 29, 2014

Fun with Family

Anthony's family all came to Oregon for his parent's 50th wedding anniversary.  (Anniversary pictures to come later.  There's about 400+ pictures to sort through, and I really haven't had the time.)  Anyhoo...
We had a great time getting together and visiting.
We finally got to meet little miss Callie Dawn, Walt and Rachel's youngest, who is almost a year old now.  Glad they made the trek all the way from Minnesota, because we all had so much fun with their family here!

Jessica and Callie (photo bombed by dollie, pink elephant, and pony)
Walt and his little clone
Seth, sleeping with his bread. Oh, the fun we had with this!
Church on Sunday
Church in Salem with Shade and Beth.  Loved getting to hear Emily and Seth sing!
It was so much fun watching all of the cousins interact.
And here we have one tired little munchkin.  It was a long day!
Sunday night, I brought Natalie in from the car, and sat her in the recliner while I got the older kids ready for bed. I love how she fell back to sleep!
Jared stayed with us.  We all really enjoyed his company, and of course, he was the human jungle gym
Teasing Talon about being his 'tiny little baby'
We had dinner and game night at our house on Monday. Time for Rook!
Daddy and his girl

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