Monday, April 23, 2012

Where's Nolan?

A couple of nights ago, the kids were playing in their bedroom like they frequently do, while I was busy doing a few things around the house.  I noticed Talon and Kaitlyn came out into the living room to play, but Nolan wasn't anywhere around.  He plays well by himself for a little bit, but usually trots around with the older kids and likes to be involved in what they are doing.  I noticed things were pretty quiet, so after a few minutes I decided to go and see what he was up to.  It's not uncommon to come upon him in the kids' room, destroying their bookshelf and flipping through books- trying to decide which pages he thinks no longer belong in the book, and removing them.
I glanced in all the back rooms and didn't see him.  I figured he must be playing in the bathroom- doing who knows what with the bath toys, soap, toilet, or toilet paper.  However, the light was off and he wasn't in there either.  I called him a couple of times and he didn't answer.  I then asked the older kids and Anthony if they had seen him.  They hadn't.  I now was getting a bit anxious, and started looking a little more thoroughly throughout the house.  When I went into the back bedroom, I noticed the closet door was closed.  This was a bit out of place because 
A) The closet door is broken and is not on it's track most of the time, and 
B) There are usually so many toys billowing out of the closet, that you couldn't close the door if you tried.  
I thought I heard a small voice coming from inside, so I opened the door.  This is what I saw....
 Yep, there he was.... his head barely poking above the toy bin.  He was playing in the dark closet all by himself and not minding it a bit.  I guess maybe he needed a little alone time or something?!?!
I started laughing and ran and grabbed my camera.
When I opened the door to get some better pictures, he was a bit put out and kept trying to close the door again.  Apparently, he didn't want to be bothered!  This kid cracks me up constantly.  You never know what he's gonna do!

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