Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mama's New Ride

Yes, we did some car shopping this past weekend, and I finally got my Honda Odyssey EX-L!  I never wanted to drive a van- I always preferred SUVs,  but when we test-drove some Odysseys a few years back, I decided I really liked them, and it became my 'dream family van'.  We started qualifying for our BMW bonus with ViSalus this month, but since we weren't going to get a BMW at this time, we decided to take the monthly cash bonus and put it towards an Odyssey.
I love it, and am so thankful for a nice family vehicle again.   We've been without AC for the past couple of years, and expecting a summer baby, wasn't really looking forward to another summer without AC.  Not to mention, our Caravan is the sports model, so it's more compact than most minivans. So we were trying to figure out how we were going to fit all 4 carseats in it.  Problem solved.  I now have a work van, and we have a family van that can seat 8 (without all the carseats, of coarse!).  Yeah!!  Looking forward to some comfortable family outings this summer when I'm off for a few weeks!!
Anthony did some searching online, and found this one.  Low miles, below KBB price, fully-loaded, and I love the 'black cherry pearl' color.  Great job, Honey!!

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