Monday, April 23, 2012

Resurrection Sunday 2012

I came across these pictures and realized I never posted them.  So here they are...
The kids all dressed up at church on Resurrection Sunday.
(They were in a bit of a goofy mood- which makes it hard to stand still and cooperate for pictures sometimes.)

Nolan had fallen asleep half-way through service, and woke up ready to do anything but stand in one place and hold still, so I gave up.
My goal was a family picture, but quickly realized that wasn't going to happen.  So, I tried a few group shots with all the kids, but couldn't keep Nolan from running out of the picture.  By the time I had convinced him to stay where I put him, the older two were tired of smiling.  (Not that I blame them). This is the best I could get that wasn't blurry.  Not to mention, he had taken most of his outfit off by this point.  Oh, well... still so cute and love them to pieces!!

I was just recently looking at Easter pictures from the last 2 years.  It's hard to believe how fast they grow!

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