Monday, November 29, 2010

New experience

We had spent the whole day at home, and the kids wanted to go somewhere, so we went out to Applebees for appetizers. I always order a water with lime. Kaitlyn saw the lime and told me she wanted a bite. I told her it was sour and that she wouldn't like it, but she insisted she wanted it.
Anthony said, "Just give it to her. She'll figure it out!"
Yeah, what does mom know anyway?
Okay..... here you go!
Her reaction wasn't too hard to predict, so I got the camera out before I gave it to her.
Classic. I love it!!

Apparently, Kaitlyn's response wasn't convincing enough for Talon. He needed to try it for himself! Go ahead, Buddy, take a big ole' bite!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


Love all the different expressions and faces this little guy makes. So cute!!

And these...

...were just too adorable to resist posting!

A few of the kids' "moments"

This morning, I was up feeding Nolan, and I heard Kaitlyn crying really loud. I raced in her room and turned on her light. She was sitting up in bed, smiling and giggling, and said, "Mimi, I cwyin'... Ahh! Ahh!" (giggle) "I want my baby!"


Nolan was fussing rather loudly tonight while I was getting the kids cleaned up after their snack, and getting them ready for bed. Talon apparently had had enough, and asked me, "Mom, can I tell my baby brother to chill?"


I called Talon into the bathroom so I could brush his teeth before bed. He came in carrying a handful of toys and said, "Just a second, Mom, I need to put down my junk!"


It was nearing bedtime a couple of nights ago, and Talon was trying his best to stall the night-time routine so he could stay up a little longer. I was totally on to his game, so I was starting to push him to get his rump in gear and get ready for bed.
Talon: "Mommy... are you all growed?"
Me: "Yep. I'm all grown up!"
Talon: "Is Daddy?"
Me: "Yep. Daddy's all grown up too."
Talon: "I'm all grown up, too!"
(Nice try, Buddy!)


I was telling Talon something while he was in the bath tub. He looked at me with a blank stare, and said, "You lost me, Mom!".

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1 month old

Wow... can't believe Nolan is already a month old. How time flies!
We are really enjoying this little guy.

Our three munchkins.

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Little Mother

For Kaitlyn's birthday, she got some new furniture and fun stuff for her babies from Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Donna. Daddy bought her a new baby doll (Baby "Jack"). She loves her babies, but is especially possessive over this one! Such a little mother! For the first couple of days, she wouldn't let anyone even touch her baby.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kaitlyn's 2!

Hard to believe our little girl is 2!
She's such a spunky girl with so much personality! I love her so much!!

On Wednesday, we had a little family party at my parents house, and celebrated both of our birthdays together.

Wow... new boots!
I could hardly pry them off of her to put her in bed that night! Whenever we are leaving to go somewhere and I tell her we need to put her shoes on, she says she wants to wear her boots.

Kaitlyn loves Thomas the Train! She got her very own Thomas book.
Very exciting!

Blowing out the candles with Mommy.
(Man... there sure are a lot of them!)

Reading her new book with Grandpa and Bubby
Happy Birthday, Kaitlyn Michelle...
We love you!!

More birthday fun

Friday was actually her birthday.
We took her to Red Robin for chicken strips and fries (she loves fries!).

They sang "Happy Birthday" and brought her a HUGE hot fudge sundae.
Mmmm... she loves chocolate!

We went shopping for a while, then took her to Starbucks for her very own coffee. She was so excited! She got an 8oz White Chocolate mocha with 1/2 a shot of espresso. She did end up wearing about half of it, but she didn't care... she LOVED it!

Bubby enjoying his hot chocolate

A bit tuckered out after such a long day!

Still partying!

On Sunday, Papa and Granny, Chad, Tori, and Alyssa came over and we celebrated yet a little more!

Trying out her 'Sit and Spin'. Both of the kids caught on really fast. It quickly became the toy of the evening.

She got her very own CD player for her room so she can listen to her own music and stories.

Thursday, November 11, 2010