Sunday, October 18, 2015

Nolan's 5th Birthday

It's hard to believe my little Nolan-bug is already 5 years old!
We had a big birthday party yesterday. He had a blast celebrating with all of his friends!
They had some war game going and they all had long sticks that they were running around with.  The nurse in me wanted to confiscate them, and give them something they couldn't poke each other's eyes out with, or impale themselves if they fell.  The mom in me really enjoyed the fact that they were having so much fun and using their imaginations.  The mom side one.  No one got their weapons taken away, and no one got hurt. Win-win!
The finished product... the Mario cake that Grandma Bauer made for him. It was super cute, and tasted fabulous too! He loved it!
(...though you would never know it by his face, would you?)
Group picture with all the kids
Time to open presents!!!
He got a lot of really fun gifts!
I love Kaya's expression in this picture. She was shocked when he opened the doll!
Jonathan and Taneil kept telling him they were going to get him a baby doll of his very own.  He didn't believe them. Guess what they got him... Yep, his very own baby doll.  He wouldn't touch it.  It was pretty hilarious! They also got him a fun 'boy toy', so he gladly gave the doll to Natalie.
One thing he requested was "a hat like Uncle Jesse's", so Uncle Jess and Aunt Ruth got him one.  He was very pleased.
Thanking everyone for the gifts.
Me and my baby boy. Love him to pieces!
Natalie wanted a picture of her in her "wollers".
What a fun day.  Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate, and helped make Nolan's birthday so special!

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