Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hounds, DS, and skirts

Just a little of this and that...
Nolan. He really enjoys his Nintendo DS. The kids get limited time on electronics, so when they do get to play, they take it pretty seriously. This particular day, I found him sitting in the laundry basket playing his DS. Probably more amazing than the fact he enjoys sitting in a cramped basket, is the fact that he actually found an empty laundry basket to sit in. Those are a rare sighting around these parts these days!

And speaking of laundry...
Nat thinks it's super fun to sit in the washer.... another thing that is rarely empty!

When Grandma Bauer came to North Dakota to visit, she made the girls a couple of Hello Kitty skirts. They are super cute, and the girls love them!
Kaitlyn wanted to wear her skirt and have a special hair do to go with it.

And Nat was more concerned that she had cute bows to put in her hair than what her hair really looked like.

And the hounds...
Yes, they need a haircut, but are kinda cute with the shaggy look going on.

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