Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trip to the Farm

Yesterday, we went out to the Sletten's farm to visit for the evening.  Let's just say, next time we will take clothes and shoes that we can get dirty in.  They laughed when they all came out in their mud boots and work clothes, and Anthony was wearing dress slacks, I had my flip-flops on, and the kids were wearing their nice tennis shoes.  We are starting to learn, that everyone has a class for their clothes around here... farm clothes, town clothes, and church clothes.  You ain't seen "playing in the dirt" until you've been to North Dakota!
It was neat to drive around and see just a few plots of the hundreds and hundreds of acres that they farm. The kids had a blast taking turns riding in the seed truck with Brother Jason.  When I think of planting, a spade, packet of seeds, and watering can comes to mind.  These people mean business!
The girls' turn
They insisted we have to come out during harvest season to ride in the combines, and play in the grain trucks.  They kids can hardly wait!

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