Friday, April 17, 2015

Fun at the Park

We met Danyel and Owen at the park to play, then went out for lunch.  It was their first trip to the park since we moved to Minot, and the first stretch of really nice, warm weather that we've had.  They had a blast!
Natalie was pretty much glued to the swings.  She had no interest in doing anything else.
There was a big plastic swing that even the big kids could sit in.  They all took turns getting pushed in it, of course. (Well, everyone except Talon.)
The boys having races down the slide.
Nolan got bored half-way down, apparently, and decided to stand up and attempt to run the rest of the way.
Getting his turn on the big swing.
He even got Danyel to push him for a while
And here's Nattie... still on the swings!
Owen was hilarious!  He just sat and giggled.
The park is clean and really well maintained, and the kids are already begging to go back.  I think it's gonna be a favorite spot to go to on nice days when the kids need to run off some energy!

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