Tuesday, January 20, 2015


We had our LASIK surgery done on Saturday afternoon.  We had a bit of recovery time that night, but were feeling better the next day.  It is amazing how bright everything can be.  We are both very thankful for the dark glasses to rest our eyes.  I think we should probably buy stock in the Allergan company.  It's crazy how many eye drops we go through in a day to keep our eyes moist.  They say it will get better over the next couple of weeks to months.  Right now, I always keep the Refresh Plus drops in reach!
Just a little bruising (the red spots), but getting better.  Still some swelling with some halos and glares, but I can see about 20/25 without glasses or contacts.  When the swelling goes down and the glare reduces, it should be 20/20.  Anthony may get to 20/15.  I had 20/50 or worse before.  It's amazing to actually be able to see!

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