Monday, January 19, 2015

Dental check-ups all around!

It's that time again... time to get the kids' dental checkups and teeth cleaned.  We absolutely love our dentist and his staff.  They are great with the kids, and the kids always look forward to their visits.  Sadly, we couldn't convince Dr. Lorio to move to North Dakota.
Patiently waiting for their turn
Trying to get Natalie used to the chair.  She was happy to sit next to Sissy and wear the cool glasses.
X-rays.  Looking good!
Debbie is great.  She let the boys sit together, and took turns between the two of them.  They loved it!
Natalie was very intrigued.  She was convinced she wanted to sit next to "Noni" in the chair, too.  I guess he made it look really fun!
This is what the parents do when they get bored while waiting for the kids to get x-rays.
When it got to be Natalie's turn, she quickly decided she would rather sit on Mommy's lap, so Mommy got to ride in the chair too!
She did so good.  She was very nervous at first, but cooperated really well.  She even held and operated 'Mr. Thirsty' (the suction wand) all by herself.
All done!  Her big-girl smile for Daddy.
All of the kids' teeth looked really good, and none of them had cavities.  I think we will just keep brushing and flossing their teeth for them until they are ready for college.  It's worked well so far!

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