Sunday, September 7, 2014

Getting better

Kaitlyn is getting better each time she tries to ride her bike.  She can stay up longer and longer each time.  She's still a bit nervous, and tends to put her feet down a lot, but as long as she keeps pedaling, she does pretty good.  She has her own pink Hello Kitty bike, but it's a little bigger than Talon's, so we're having her practice on his.
Next, we're going to have to work on steering the bike.  She about took out her little sister today.  Good thing Natalie was standing on the other side of her pink car, because Kaitlyn plowed right into it and sent it sailing!
So happy on his big-boy bike!
 More pictures of this girl and her car.  She loves it!
 Natalie has figured out how to tell people that she's 'two'.  She works hard and holds those two fingers up with pride!
 Still trying to figure out how to pedal her tricycle
And Talon, well..... he's kind of just a streak going by as he flies around on his bike.  It's quite difficult to get a picture of him these days!

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