Friday, July 25, 2014

Random 5 on Friday

I haven't done a Random 5 on Friday for a while, so...

1. I think the weather got a little confused.  It's been chilly and rainy the past few days.  I almost justified turning the heat on a couple of times, then realized the AC was still on. Oops!  Problem fixed, and hopefully some electricity will be saved.

2. I had an extremely boring night at work last night. (You know... 1 patient, no admits, only doing vital signs every 4 hours....yeah, B-O-R-I-N-G!) So, I got a little crazy on Pinterest.   I think some might be afraid I have taken over the sight.  Not to worry, I was just catching up.  It's back to the busy life and reality, and I wont be pinning again for a couple of months probably.  I have all these great plans for meals and fancy desserts now, though!

3. I went to Trader Joes on my way home from work yesterday morning, and at the check stand, happened upon a package that had 3 small milk chocolate bars.  Good thing they are small, and I don't frequent Trader Joes often.  I could see my chocolate consumption getting waaaay out of hand in a hurry. I was thoughtful, don't worry, I didn't eat all of them myself.  I had one on my way home (you know, to stay awake after my 12 hour night shift), I left one for my husband, and brought the other to work last night (you know, to stay awake during my 12 hour night shift).  I did share that one with my co-workers.  Reluctantly. But I did share.

4. My laundry is getting out of hand.  I think everyone still has a pair of clean underwear or two, but it's definitely time to get caught up, then set a trap, and catch all of the little gremlins that slip in while we are sleeping and wear all of these clothes!  And, speaking of laundry.... does anyone have issues with spiders hanging out in the laundry basket.  I've noticed lately, that especially when I pick up the towels, there are some eight-legged critters that like to hide under the pile. It's not a friendly interaction that takes place. One of us ends up dead. I hate spiders. No, I HATE SPIDERS! There.

5. What happened to buying corn on the cob in the summer for "5 for $1.00", or even "4 for $1.00"? I went grocery shopping recently, and it was 58 cents each!!! I know, I'm cheap. (You can agree. It's okay. My husband tells me I am.) But SERIOUSLY???  Is there that much of a shortage of this tasty starch, with no nutritional value, that our bodies can't even break down and assimilate? I will happily settle for the Santiam sweet yellow corn in the can, but others in my household look forward to it fresh off of the cob in the summer, so I have bought it... a couple of times. But only when my husband specifically asks, and ONLY if it is in excellent condition.  I wish I could get him to like asparagus or zucchini as much as he likes corn.  I could justify that a little more, and people GIVE zucchini away to even their enemies when it they finally start pulling the 2 foot monsters from their garden.

Happy Friday, All!  I get to go home and go to bed now!

The Pebble Pond


Kris B. said...

I so miss Trader Joe's I grew up in CA so I love them!

Lisa M said...

I got some corn for 10 cents each!