Saturday, June 21, 2014

Natalie is 2!

My baby girl turned 2 on Thursday (the 19th).  Not really sure how that is possible, but it really did happen!  Natalie is such a delight, and joy to our family.  She is spunky, yet sweet, and smiles all the time. She loves to help and be involved in ANYTHING that is going on, and doesn't know she is a day younger than her siblings.  Her vocabulary has really expanded these past couple of months.  She is independent, but still super snugly!
Once we convinced her it was her birthday, all she wanted was a "ba-WEEN" (balloon).  She's pretty sure that's what birthdays are all about!  Her birthday landed in the middle of my 3-day work stretch, so I came home with a balloon, a couple of small gifts, and her favorite treat... donuts!  She was so happy!
Tackling her apple fritter.  She took 4 or 5 bites, and decided she had had enough sweets.  Then she wanted string cheese.
Anthony calls her "Little C", because she reminds him so much of me.  I must admit, there are definitely characteristics I see in her, that remind me a lot of myself.  (Scares me a bit, sometimes!)
Love my baby girl!
Puckered up to give daddy kisses.  She loves her daddy!
Another favorite of Natalie's, is Mike's Drive-In.  She loves their fries and ice cream cones.  So, on Friday night, we went there to celebrate her birthday with Papa and Granny.  Mommy was lenient, I let her have her fries and ice cream without eating a lot of dinner.  She was one happy girl! 
Someone else loves ice cream too!
A couple of her gifts... her own vacuum cleaner, and a new baby doll.
(Oops! Not sure what was going on with the lighting and my camera.)
Big Sissy doing some 'babysitting'.
One of her favorite bedtime snacks... popcorn!
Somehow she ducked out of the picture.
Happy 2nd Birthday, Natalie Danielle!
We love you to pieces!

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