Monday, June 2, 2014

Little Graduates

My little sister, Kayla, graduated from High School yesterday.  The kids were all so intrigued by it, they decided to have a graduation ceremony.  They marched down the aisle (the upstairs hallway) with their caps on, Talon put out bins for them to sit on, and they took turns giving their speech.
These were their graduation caps. Anthony and I about died laughing when we saw them.
Apparently, we don't have a lot of items in the house with strings attached. Nolan's tassel was one of Kaitlyn's doll pacifiers, stuffed up in his hat, with the binki strap hanging down. So hilarious!
Kaitlyn asked me, "Mommy, will I graduate when I get older?"
Me: "Yes, when you finish school.... in about 12 years."
Kaitlyn: "Will I get to talk in the microphone?"
I guess she's really looking forward to giving a speech!
  Love my kids' imaginary play!

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