Tuesday, June 11, 2013

6 Years Old!

Talon just turned 6 years old this past week! He's so excited. He loves telling everyone that he is six, and he's gonna start school this year. It's amazing how fast kids grow. Just recently, I was looking at pictures of this tiny, 4-pound, blond-headed baby boy. 6 years ago, I couldn't even imagine what he would look like as he got bigger, and what kind of personality he would have. He is such a sweet kid. He loves people and loves to have fun. He always wants to be right where the action is, and doesn't want to miss a thing.
The day before his birthday, we went to The Original Pancake House for breakfast with Papa and Granny. He loves pancakes!
Nolan being his silly self.
I had to work the night before his birthday, so when I came home in the morning, I brought donuts.... another favorite!
Papa and Granny came over that night, and we had ice cream sundaes with all of his favorite toppings.
...and, of course, there were presents to open!
Amongst a few other things, he got a new mitt, a ball and bat set, and some new clothes.
The other kids were pretty happy with their little gifts

On Saturday, we had a small party for him with my family.
Aunt Melanie played ball with the kids in the front room. They thought that was pretty great!
He loves Mario, so I made a Bowser cake and cupcakes.
And we now have a fireman in the house!
Happy 6th Birthday, Talon Shade!

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