Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Around the house

A common sight at our house.... Talon with a football.  
He doesn't like to wear jeans.  He says, "Mom, when I wear my jeans, I can't slide on the floor as good on my knees!"  There's not a chance that his pants are going to last long enough to pass on to his little brother.  When I really get frustrated about it, is when he slides on the floor in his church pants.  If they sold them in disposable packs in large quantities, he would be a great candidate. Thus the saying, 'Boys will be boys'!
My brown-eyed little girl.  Hard to believe how fast she's growing up!
Some quality time with Bubby.
Talking to grandma on the phone.
All dressed up and ready to head outside.
Love this picture!
The best of friends... most of the time.
Our lazy watch dogs.

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