Sunday, January 20, 2013

7 months old

Little Miss Natalie is 7 months old.  This girl seems to figure new stuff out every day.  She rolls and scoots all over the house, exploring new things.
She recently started eating cereal, and.... well... um... let's just say, she's not the biggest fan. I'm not surprised- her siblings didn't like it much at first either.  I don't think it's so much the taste, as it is the fact that she's eating it off of a hard plastic spoon.  The first time we tried it, she had a couple of bites, spit it all over, then proceeded to lunge for the bowl and spill it everywhere.  I guess that's what I get for attempting to feed her on the coffee table in the living room, instead of in the kitchen, eh?!
Love this slobbery little face!
Playing the piano with Mommy
She should be sleeping, but instead she's wanting to hang out and 'chat'.  Yes, she inherited my rosy cheeks!
She loves her big brother!  He spends a lot of time playing with her.
Love my girls!
Gonna be a nurse like Mommy some day?  We'll see!
My little blue-eyed pouty face
Off exploring some more
And now, off to the kitchen
Rollin'..... rollin'.....rollin'.....
Sitting up a little on her own.  It doesn't last long, but we practice.
Love all her little faces! 
She really likes to hang out under the kids table.  She even scoots it across the floor.

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