Monday, September 26, 2011

So funny!

 This picture cracked me up.  I had to pass it on! 

Daddy's look alike!

After getting Nolan's hair cut, Anthony was going through some pictures of himself as a baby, and found this one.  There's quite a striking resemblence!
(Anthony @ about 9 months old, with his cousin)
(Nolan @ 11months old)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New haircut

Nolan just got his 4th haircut, and he's not even a year old yet!  He doesn't much like getting it done, but he sure looks cute!
Just love all of his goofy faces!
"Outta my way, Mom, I'm comin' through!"
Such a happy little squirt!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

And the winner is.....

As a group, I think my kids win the prize for the craziest bed hair in the mornings, but I'll let you be the judge....

Yeah, I knew you'd agree with me!  Pretty bad, huh?!
By the way, there's a reason we didn't include Anthony and I in this picture.  I guess you could say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

We heard the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island was open, so we thought we'd head out there.  The weather was about 95*, so we didn't stay very long.  The pumpkins weren't ripe yet, the produce wasn't out, the concession stands (with the yummy caramel apples) were closed, and the kids were a bit tired and needed a nap.  So, we decided we'd go back in a couple of weeks when we can pick out some pumpkins and gourds, and go through the corn maze.  The kids did really enjoy the bounce house, and we did go on a hay ride through the fields.
The kids enjoyed watching the animal exhibit they had out front.

I thought this was so cute.... they stood and held hands while they watched the animals.

Had to get a few pictures of the kids on the hay bales

Can't have a photo session without a few goofy pictures, right?

The bounce house...

Saturday, September 17, 2011

11 months old

Well, my little booger bear is 11 months old.  He is constantly on the move, and seems to be discovering new things daily.  He scoots everywhere (yes, he still refuses to crawl); he's not so fond of being 'trapped' in his ExerSaucer anymore.... he'd rather be out where he can explore; he opens drawers and cupboards and quickly removes all their contents; he finally started pulling himself up to a standing position, but is learning the hard way that all objects are not stationary; he is finally starting to eat more solids (very exciting!!), but is a very picky eater (not so very exciting!!); he still has quite a temper; still loves to swat at anything within reach; will bite anything he can get in his mouth (with his four big chompers); and is still a complete mamma's boy!  Oh, how I do love this little monkey, and can't believe he'll be a year old next month.
 He has quickly learned how to tip over the toy bins.
Such a little booger!
"Who me? What mess?"
His 'peek-a-boo' face
Walking along the coffee table.
Playing in the kitchen with the big kids.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Little Jumping Beans

The kids love summer time at Grandpa and Grandma Bauer's, because they set up the "bouncy"  (trampoline) and the kids spend hours jumping on it.  Nolan has even spent some time on it recently.  It'll come down as soon as the rain sets in, but I'm sure next summer there will be another little jumping bean on the bouncy!

Must be nap time!

He got up on his hands and knees, the kids would bounce him, and he'd fall flat on his tummy.  He thought it was pretty funny!

This particular time, after it got dark, they talked Grandpa into pulling them around the yard in the wagon.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Photo session

I had the kids in matching outfits, so I thought I'd sit 'em down and take a few pictures.  No big deal, right? Wrong!  Do you have any idea how hard it is to get three young kids to cooperate at the same time for a picture?  I took about 15, then gave up.  Here are a few that I got.  Keep in mind, these are the good ones.  My sister now works at a studio where she will be taking pictures of kids and families for hours on end.  I think I would be bald at the end of one day.  As much as I enjoy taking pictures, I think I'll stick to candid shots, thank you very much!!!

All that being said....  I still think they are pretty stinkin' cute, and I love 'em to pieces and pieces!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Overheard by Daddy...

Talon had his bin of toys out....
Katie: "I wanna play with that stuff."
Talon: "You can't, it's boy's stuff."
Katie: "I wanna play with that stuff, toooooo!"
Talon (much more emphatic): "You aren't supposed to, Sissy, it's booooy's stuff!"
Sissy: "I wanna play with boy's stuff!!"
Talon didn't have anything else to say, so he just let her play with the toys...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day

These are just a couple pictures I took on Labor Day.  We had a BBQ at our house in the afternoon with Chad and Tori, and some of Anthony's family; then went to my parents' in the evening to spend some time with them.

It was great to have my grandmas there!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Katie Quip

At times, I wish I could turn on a tape recorder for the entire day just to catch the funny things the kids say.  Some days, they just keep us in stitches all day long.  I try to remember the things they say so I can jot them down and put them in a memory book for them (and myself) to read when they get older.  It just isn't quite as cute or funny on paper as it is when it comes out of their mouth.  Not to mention their expression and voice inflections.  This is a little something that happened last night, that I had to try so hard not to laugh at (at least where the kids could see!).
It was Labor Day, so we went to my parents in the evening for a picnic.  We've had a small issue with Talon in that, when he gets to play the Wii at Grandpa and Grandma's, he throws a fit when he has to turn it off and we have to leave.  We have warned him numerous times that, if he throws a fit and can't act like big boy, he will get grounded from our Wii when he gets home (This is something he dislikes very much!).  So last night, I told Talon it was time to leave, and he proceeded to throw a fit.  I told him he would be grounded when we got home if he didn't quit, but he still continued.  When we got in the car, our conversation went something like this:

Kaitlyn: "Is Bubby gonna be in trouble?"
Me: "Kaitlyn, that is for Mommy and Daddy to decided.  Don't worry about it.  We don't let Bubby talk about you when you are in trouble."

I tried to lighten the situation a bit, and chat with the kids on the way home, but Talon was very quiet and pensive for a while, and didn't say much for about 10 minutes.  Finally, he started talking.  These days, he likes to ask how to spell various words, and asks what signs say when we go by.

Talon (seeing a few street signs in a row): "Mommy, what does that sign say?"
Me: "That sign says 'No Parking at any time'."
Kaitlyn then pipes up: "And THAT sign says 'You're grounded!'."
Me: "Kaitlyn, that's enough!"
I'm just glad it was dark in the car and the kids couldn't see me, because I had to laugh.  It was hilarious!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Tired boy

Nolan was ready to be put to bed, but was being so sweet, I had to snap a few pictures.  Love this face!