Saturday, February 27, 2010

Talon's bike

I had to post a clip of Talon on his bike, too. As you can see by the past couple of posts, they are a pretty hot item at our house right now. It seems we are always tripping over something. If it's not a dog or a ball, it's some object with wheels! I'm telling you... I really do think we could start our own car lot of kids' riding toys!

Talon is so proud of himself when he gets on his 'big boy bike'. He still has a difficult time riding it, but he sure gives it his best shot! When he can't figure something out, or get something to work right away, his first reaction is that it must be "boken" (broken). It is then Daddy and Mommy's job to problem solve. He's so funny. I just love this kid!

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