Saturday, February 13, 2010

A brief update

Wow, what a whirlwind of activity we've seen this past week. Just a brief update on what we've been up to. Kaitlyn and I flew to Oregon on the 4th of February so I could do my health testing and start my orientation with my job. Anthony and Talon drove to Oregon with Papa and Granny on the 5th so we all could look at some houses. I started orientation last Monday (the 8th), Anthony and Talon drove back home on Thursday with Anthony's parents, I left work and headed straight to the airport yesterday, and Kaitlyn and I flew home. We did a lot of driving and looking for a place to live, but we haven't found one yet. Anthony's parents found a house and will be moving in a couple of weeks.
I have to fly back for work this next week (the 16th), and will come home on the 24th. The kids are going to stay home with Daddy (which is going to be very difficult), but I'm trying to line up some houses to look at while I'm there this time. We hope to move in March, but we'll see. Lots to do before then. I think I've probably had a chance to pack a total of 3 boxes so far. At this rate, we wont be moving until NEXT March! I guess I better get on the ball! With everything that's going on, the blog has been put a little lower on the list of priorities, but when I can, I'll try to keep it updated as things change.
Our friends and family have been great with transportation and letting us stay with them. Walt and Rachel kept our dogs the whole time, which was a huge blessing, and Seth did a great job taking care of them. We really appreciate everyone's help and support during this transitional phase, and can't wait until life slows down to a somewhat 'normal' pace again.

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Kelly and Aaron said...

We miss you let us know if you can get together before you head out