Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Follow up ultrasound

Kaitlyn had her follow up ultrasound in Bismarck yesterday.  She did really well and was very patient with the process.  She did about talk the leg off of the radiology tech, though.
Natalie and I entertained ourselves with selfies and playing on my phone until she was done.
Waiting... waiting... waiting...
We ate lunch at Famous Dave's before we left town. Natalie didn't make it far into our meal, though.
She livened up a bit after the food came.
We brought some of the animals from the zoo with us, too!
The ultrasound results were unchanged from her previous scan, which means she has not had any more scaring on her kidneys.  They will do another VCUG in a couple of months to make sure she is no longer having reflux. The urologist wanted to make sure that swelling was completely gone before we attempted it. We are praying that the surgery fixed the issue and she won't have any further kidney damage once she comes off of her antibiotics.

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