Monday, August 10, 2015

Kaitlyn's Surgery in Bismarck

We headed to Bismarck on Wednesday night for Kaitlyn's surgery on Thursday. We went out for dinner at a local Mexican restaurant before heading to the Ronald McDonald house for the night.
Thursday morning, Uncle Jesse, Aunt Ruth, Jessica, and Granny come down and met us at the Ronald McDonald house. We visited in the living room for a while and had prayer with her before leaving for the hospital. They also gave her gifts.
She got a new doll (with accessories) to keep her company in the hospital. She loves it!
Aunt Ruth and Jessica are off to spend a couple of days together in Minnesota.
Getting checked in to her room.  She took her special bear.
Waiting in the pre-surgery waiting room.  She started getting really scared and tearful, so we cuddled in the recliner until they called her back.
Out of surgery and in PACU. She woke up scared and in pain. Thankfully, I could be back there with her when she was waking up. Dr. K said that the surgery went very well.  He had to do the procedure a little differently than planned, but felt like she would make a complete recovery, and would no longer have ureteral reflux once she healed completely.  She would have to have a catheter for at least 24 hours because of the swelling.
After pain medicine, she was able to sleep for a little bit. She started having bladder spasms, and they couldn't get her pain under control, so we tried a couple of different medications.  She ended up being in recovery for over 3 hours.
Back in her room. Trying to smile and be happy, but feeling really tired and emotional.
The hospital goody bag from Daddy and Mommy to help her recover, and keep her activity at a minimum.
The first night was pretty rough.  She did not like the catheter, she was very nauseous and kept throwing up, and we had a difficult time keeping her pain under control. Jim and Misty came down with the kids to visit. Natalie stayed with them while we were in Bismarck, so she got to come too. Kaitlyn was happy they came, but had a hard time staying awake and being social.  Poor girl, she felt rotten!
Finally resting after getting her bladder spasms and nausea under control. 
Friday was a little better.  As long as we kept on top of her nausea med and pain meds, she did pretty good. She had to take frequent naps, but at least we got some smiles! She was happy because she got her catheter out, but that meant she had to actually get out of bed to go to the bathroom about every 20 minutes for a while.  She wanted me to carry her, but my back just wasn't up for the task. We got a bedside commode which made things much easier.  The activity of just getting in and out of bed took a lot out of her, but she was a trooper.  We even put a puzzle together.
She was so excited to get visitors! Shawna and the girls came down to visit and brought her more fun stuff to do in bed.  They even brought some treats for me!
Katie with her doll.  She spent a lot of time just dressing her and playing with her cool glasses.
Charlie and Jendi Sefcik and their kids came to visit as well.  They brought Kaitlyn balloons and candy, and they brought me dinner from Qdoba. It was so sweet, and such a nice change from the hospital food!
She got up to the chair for the first time right before they came.  She was in quite a bit of pain, but tried to tough it out and be social.  
By Friday night, she was no longer nauseous, and was keeping fluids down.  She even tried to eat a little bit of solid food. She had decided she didn't want to use the bedside commode  anymore, and wanted to make it to the bathroom. She is one determined girl. She slept pretty well that night, except for the trips to the bathroom every couple of hours. Those turned out to be a bit of an escapade. She tried to do most of the work herself though!
On Saturday morning, she was a completely different girl. She had heard that she could go home if she was doing well enough.  She decided she wanted to take her doll for a walk down the hall. She made it a whole lap around the unit. She even pushed her own IV pole for most of it. By the time we got back she was tired and needed to lay down, but was insisting she was feeling well enough to go home.
We got discharged that afternoon. She didn't want to take the wheelchair either, she insisted she wanted to walk.
So proud of my tough little girl!
She wanted a picture with the big Sanford Children's bear.
Downstairs waiting for her meds to be filled in the pharmacy.  I was so glad to be heading home.  It had been a long couple of days with very little sleep.
We met up with Robert, Danyel, and Owen for lunch since they were in Bismarck too.
We are so thankful for all of the prayers for Kaitlyn, and the expressions of love from all of our family and friends.  God definitely touched her, and she is recovering very quickly!

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We are so very glad that Katie is o.k. after her surgery, God answer's prayer's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We Love you a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! e-mail us anytime,