Saturday, April 19, 2014


In September of last year, we attempted something we had never done before... homeschooling.
At first, it was rough.  I won't lie.  I was a bit overwhelmed, and was afraid we had made a big mistake.  I didn't feel like I was doing a very good job teaching, AND being mom, AND balancing all of the other things I had to do, not to mention working full time.  Anthony and I had a long talk, and he helped me see what the problem was... I am too much of a perfectionist, and was expecting perfection out of my 6 year old, as well as myself.  I couldn't understand why he was having so much trouble writing his letters, and I felt like a failure when he got a problem wrong.  Once I realized this, everything went so much better!
We started the ACE curriculum.  It starts out with 12 PACEs (work books) in each subject... Math, English, Social Studies, Science, Word Building, Bible Reading, and Animal Science.
It has been so exciting to watch him go from only writing his name, to doing math problems and reading entire books.  He absolutely loves to read!  He would spend half of his day on the couch with books if we let him.
He has been working so hard to get his school work done so he can be on Summer vacation.  Last week, I got home from work one morning, and he said, "Guess what, Mom..... it's Summer!".  I said, "No, honey, it's still Spring."  To which he repeated, "No, it's Summer.  I'm on Summer vacation!".  He had completed all of his school work!
I have to give so much credit to Anthony.  He has done an awesome job with Talon's schooling this year!  I got to be involved when I didn't have to work or sleep, and I got to teach him his ABCs, read stories, and do the fun songs and activities; otherwise, Daddy did the majority of the work.  I was concerned that he would finish late in the Summer- because we started so late, and took a day off here and there to have 'family day', but he finished super early!  He had a certain amount of pages he did in each subject every day, and opted to do a few extra pages, to get done early, towards the end.  It amazes me how little time it actually takes, when all of the focus is just on getting school work done.  It took him an hour, maybe 2 at the most, to get his work done each day.  He did a lot of reading aloud and coloring as well.  I'm sure it will take a little longer the more kids that are doing work, but I'm glad the 1st year has gone so well.
We decided we would have him do Math pages over the Summer.  I'm quite sure he wont forget how to read, but we gotta keep that Math sharp in his head!  He has really inspired Kaitlyn, and now she can't wait until the school year comes around again.  She's so excited to start 1st grade in the fall, and is already practicing writing her letters.
I'm so thankful that Anthony is able to stay home with the kids and focus on their homeschooling.  It has been a huge blessing to our family; and, since I only work 3 nights a week, we get a lot of family time.  Not to mention the benefits of providing a Christian education for our kids!  God has been so good to us!

Talon with his star chart.  Every time he completes a PACE, he gets to put a star on his chart.
Way to go, Buddy!  Congratulations on finishing the ABCs of ACE, and learning how to read!

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