Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy Green Day!

We like to make St Patty's Day fun around here.  Not because we have any Irish in our blood, but because it's another excuse for a family fun day!
I had to go to the store at 10pm on St Patty's Eve, just to make sure all the kids had something green to wear.  The kids take the threat of getting pinched very seriously!
We had a couple of guys here in the morning to fix our sink.  The kids were very quick to point out that they weren't wearing green!  Did I mention that they take wearing green very seriously?!?!
The kids wanted to take turns with the camera.  These pictures turned out okay.  The rest of them ended up with our heads getting cut completely out of the picture.
We make our traditional Corned Beef dinner with roasted red potatoes and green salad.  The kids got green apple Kool-Aid and lime ice cream jello cups, and Papa and Granny brought a key lime pie.
As the kids like to say.... Happy Green Day!

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