Thursday, February 13, 2014


The kids were so excited to see the snow.  (Okay, we all were!)  They couldn't wait to play in it.  But talk about being caught off guard!  I didn't buy snow boots this year, because I bought them last year and they never got worn.  Good thing we only live a couple of miles from Walmart, because that's where I was headed to buy snow boots so everyone could have fun outside.  They hardly had anything left, but they had at least one pair in each of the kids' sizes, and they were on Clearance.  They insisted they didn't have any more in Natalie's size, but when I looked on the shelves, they had one pair left... and they were pink and black.  Hey, 4 pairs of snow boots for about $9.00/pair?  I say, Thank You, Lord!

It's so pretty!  I love just looking out the window and watching it fall.  Snow just seems so peaceful!
(Back yard)
(Front porch)
Eating lunch. Natalie just seemed mesmerized by it.
Finally getting to play in it
Natalie's first time in the snow.  She loved the idea of it, but it was colder than she had anticipated.  She tried to pick it up with her hands, and it made her mad, but she refused to wear gloves.  She did like walking around in it with her new boots, though.  She just looks so stinkin' cute in her snow gear!
Time to build a snowman
Trying to roll a big snowball
Taking shape
Oh, look.... it's Russell Wilson!
I turn into a kid again when I see the snow.  I love to play in it with the kids and just have fun.  We had two really good days outside in it before it started getting slushy and nasty.  It was perfect!  Now if I can just go skiing, my winter will be complete!

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