Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cardiology Update

I took Natalie back for a 1 year checkup with her cardiologist today.  First of all, let me just say, she was not exactly cooperative.  She was fine until the nurse stuck the blood pressure cuff on her leg (about 2 minutes after we walked in the door), and it was all over from there.  She wouldn't let anyone touch her, and she kept pointing at the door and trying to put her own clothes on so we could go home.  She screamed, and let the whole office know that she was not at all satisfied with the service she was receiving. She did finally calm down enough to let Dr K. listen to her... briefly.
Then came time for the ultrasound, which she also did not appreciate, or intend to hold still for.  Actually, I had to sit on the exam table and hold her in my lap.  Another nurse came in to try and distract her, and blew bubbles the whole time.  I seriously was in shock.  I have never seen her act like that before.  It was quite the experience!  Anyway, back to the ultrasound....
When she was there before (at 6 months old), she had a large ASD (hole in her heart), that Dr K thought would for sure need to be surgically closed.  Her hepatic hemangioma was also still very vascular, despite having had much of the blood supply cut off with the coils that were placed.
We have prayed for her consistently since then.  Even Nolan's bedtime prayer request last night was, "Pway for Natie, and that she won't have to have surgewy!".
Today, the ultrasound showed that her ASD has almost completely closed.  There is only a 2mm hole left, and Dr K is pretty confident that it will continue to close completely on its own.  Also, the hepatic hemangioma is no longer even detectable in the liver.
He said if the ASD doesn't close by the time she's 3, then it probably won't, and we can discuss the need for surgery if that should happen.  But, he's pretty confident it won't be an issue.  She doesn't need to go back for another appointment for 2 more years.
Thank you, Jesus!!!  God is so good!  We had accepted the fact that she would have to have surgery.  It was pretty much a given.  We have been so thankful that she is just healthy, and her heart defect is completely repairable.  She is on the lower end of the growth curve, but she's 22 lbs. and growing fine, according to her pediatrician.  Now, finding out that she probably won't even have to have surgery????  It's more than we could have hoped for, and we give God all the glory for touching our baby girl!

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