Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas cookies

I had big plans for Christmas this year.  They included a gingerbread house party, cookie baking, candy making... yeah, I had big plans!  Then we moved.  My plans got reeeeeally scaled down.
We did have Christie and Kylie over for dinner and got to make a few cookies.  (James was sick.  Or doesn't like homemade lasagna.  Or doesn't like to make cookies.  Oh, I guess rumor has it he was really sick.  Anyway....)
We made sugar cookies.  We were gonna get all fancy and do shapes and different colors of frosting, but it started getting late, so we opted for round cookies with white frosting and sprinkles.  Turns out, that was the best decision!
While I tried to keep the kids from going completely crazy, and putting their whole bottle of sprinkles on one cookie, Christie kept the cookies rolling through the oven.
The decorating staff.
We did do quite a few dozen that didn't make it to the decorating table.  There was just a little too much finger and knife licking going on for some of us! 
And then we have the tasting staff.  She liked her role in the cookie making process!
Laying around on the couch before bedtime, but a little too sugar buzzed to actually go to sleep quite yet!
We had a great time! Maybe next year I'll be a bit more organized, get started earlier in the season, and we can do a few more things on my list!

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