Monday, May 20, 2013

11 Months Old

Natalie is 11 months old.  It seems that she has grown so much just in the past month!  She got her 1st couple of teeth around 10 months, and has recently discovered that she LOVES to eat!  She's never eaten very well, and has been a bit on the petite side, but that may be about to change now that she's discovered food.  She loves to feed herself, and is all about different textures.  Yeah!!
Not the best picture, but these are her 1st two teeth. She definitely knows how to use them.  I've made the mistake of putting my finger in her mouth to feel them...the very bad mistake!  Ouch!!!
Another favorite past time... magnets.  She loves to pull them off, then put them back on the refrigerator.
Getting ready to unload her toy basket. She has definitely mastered this technique!
This was so cute.  Natalie stood at her toy basket and Nolan was sitting on the couch. He chatted at her, she would listen intently, then babble back.  They carried on like this for a long time.  We just sat there and laughed. It was adorable!
The pose. 
Another fabulous discovery... french fries.
This gate is quite handy.  She really likes the stairs, and thinks she's a great climber... until she gets up a couple and tries to come back down.  Her descent isn't quite so graceful.
She's waiting for food.  This is serious business!
We simply adore this blue eyed little girl.  Can't believe she'll be a year old soon!

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