Monday, November 19, 2012

5 months old

Natalie is 5 months old.  She now weighs 14 lbs,12 oz. She's a pretty happy baby, though not afraid to let it be known when things aren't quite to her liking.  When she starts to giggle, her eyes get really big and she gets the hiccups.  It's the cutest thing ever!
We went to see Dr. K, her cardiologist last week.  She had an ultrasound, and her heart and lung functions are great.  Her pulmonary pressures are normal, and her right atrium is only slightly enlarged now.  Her oxygen saturation was 100%, and her liver is much smaller.  She does still have a significant ASD (atrial septal defect) that will have to be closed- probably when she is about 2 years old.  Dr. K said it will most likely be a device closure that he can do in the cath lab, so she wont have to have open heart surgery.  He feels like she is doing so well that he doesn't need to see her for another year. We are so thankful for such a great report, and that God has kept his hand on our baby girl!

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