Saturday, August 16, 2008

Talon's first fat lip

Talon got his first fat lip when we went to visit Grandpa and Grandma in August. He was playing with a big rubber ball and decided to lay across it. He then proceeded to roll over the top of the ball head first, smashing his face into the hardwood floor! He cried a little bit, but I think Grandma was more upset than he was. Everything was all better when we gave him a popsicle! He obviously didn't learn his lesson the first time, because he wanted to try it again about a half-hour later.Grandma went and picked some vegetables out of the garden. Talon kept trying to grab the cucumbers so Grandma washed one gave it to him to hold. He promptly started chewing on the end of it and threw a fit if anyone tried to take it from him. He carried that thing around and gnawed on it until it was warm and the end was mushy, but he LOVED it!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Back home with family

Talon and I made a trip back home for my cousin's wedding. It was great to see everyone and Talon was just glad there was food!
Talon being very entertained by Uncle Jeremy

Rachel M.

Talon in his rubber ducky tub at Grandpa & Grandma's.

Rachel and Terese came to see us during our visit. It's hard to believe she's so grown up!

Talon chillin' in the pool with his popsicle